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Wool Wonders and Woes Handled by an Oriental Rug Cleaner in Daytona

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In her piece, Cheryl Simmons describes wool, one of the most common materials used for oriental rugs:


Wool Durable


“Wool is the most popular natural fiber used in carpeting. Natural fibers have many key differences from synthetic fibers, and so must be chosen with care. Generally speaking, wool carpet is more high maintenance than synthetics, as it is less stain resistant and requires more careful cleaning. 
Despite its drawbacks, wool has a good number of supporters. Wool carpet is often viewed as a status symbol, due to its high cost relative to most synthetic carpets. The cost, however, is often viewed as an investment, as wool carpets can be quite durable and can last for a number of years. “
Oriental rugs made of wool are recommended investments because of the resilience of their fibers. Wool rugs are able to last for years without their beauty fading. However, as Simmons points out, proper maintenance is imperative for wool’s appearance to survive time’s passing. Aside from regular household cleaning, homeowners should get in touch with an oriental rug cleaner in Daytona to perform professional maintenance.
Colorful dyes used on wool make lovely patterns in hand-knotted oriental rugs. These carpeting commodities or heirlooms are usually imports from Middle or Far Eastern cultures. The fabric is woven artfully into oriental designs distinctive to local areas or regions.
The exotic and unique designs of oriental rugs is what makes them such an appealing home décor, especially as statement pieces in indoor living spaces. Aside from beauty, wool piles and wefts offer strength, flame resistance, and humidifying properties to the rug.
As precious commodities go, woolen rugs are not without drawbacks. The characteristic wool pile, wefts, and fringes may be prone to accumulating dry soils. Stains of any variety may be absorbed well and fast. These are common problems with other oriental rug makes, too. Despite these maintenance pitfalls, woolen rugs are still highly sought for their decorative appeal and durability. These area rugs would always be mainstays in traditional and contemporary home designs.
One of the best ways to maintain wool’s wonders and correct its woes is through proper cleaning. When it comes to keeping their lovely appearance and treating accidental spills or stains, it would be best to call professionals from trusted companies like Heirloom Rug Cleaning.
Take note that an established rug cleaner in Port Orange and Daytona areas employs cleaning processes specific to the rug type they are handling. Professional help is always best in revitalizing precious oriental rugs back to their former glory.
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