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The Big 3 Holiday Spills

With holiday entertaining in mind, we thought the following tips may be of interest to you.  It seems that when food and beverages are served, spills on your carpet and rugs often follow.  If you’ve dealt with the resulting spots – during or after a holiday gathering – you’re in good company.  Our top three holiday spills and cures are listed below. Spill #3 – Gravy People often ask: How does gravy get on the floor anyway? Doesn’t everyone pay attention when passing the gravy boat? Gravy somehow finds its way to your carpet and area rugs, and gravy has edged out whipped cream to make it onto...

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How to Avoid Tracking Dirt into the House

What’s the best kind of dirt? The sort that never enters your house in the first place. That’s dirt in its proper place – dirt that you don’t have to clean up. One of the best ways to streamline your cleaning routine is to cut the mess off at the source. So here’s lots of advice on how to stop dirt in its tracks: Put out a welcome mat: Place a nice thick mat at every door; the bigger the better. This includes the door from the garage and the back door coming in from the back yard, not just the front door. Make sure that everyone knows that they need to use the mat to wipe their feet before...

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Rug Cleaning in Daytona Beach: First-Aid Tips for Spills and Stains

Area rugs look really fancy, especially when they’re squeaky-clean. However, there would be times of the year when your rugs are likely to end up dirty and stained – sometimes to the point of being too troublesome to wash. Even professionals offering services for rug cleaning in Daytona Beach and nearby communities have to consider a lot of factors to do their job correctly. Then again, don’t lose hope just yet; some stains can be cleaned on the spot using common household solutions fully accessible to anyone. An article from RugsUSA.com enumerates some. Blot It Up If it’s impossible to...

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Our Area Rug Cleaning Process: Woven Area Rugs

Treat Your Woven Area Rugs to a Day at the Spa! 386-530-4621

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Our Area Rug Cleaning Process: Wool Area Rugs

Treat Your Wool Area Rugs to a Day at the Spa! 386-530-4621

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