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Truths About Oriental Rug Cleaning in Palm Coast

You should always dry clean Oriental rugs This is a misconception. Professional Oriental rug cleaning in Palm Coast will disprove this myth. The abrasive dirt is not removed by dry cleaning and this means your rug will wear out faster. What your rug needs is proper wet wash cleaning. This will remove all the dirt trapped in the fibers of the rug as well as the shampoo and chemical residue that dry cleaning alone cannot remove. Do not clean your rug only unless it really needs cleaning A misconception:  Rugs get dirty mostly due to traffic. Oriental rug cleaning is more than just shampooing...

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Protect Yourself Against Fly By Night Area Rug Cleaners in Ormond Beach

If you are looking for professional area rug cleaning companies in Ormond Beachyou will unfortunately be faced with unprofessional companies too. Don’t fall victim to these scam artists. Here are a few great ways that you can protect yourself and make sure to only work with true professionals. What pricing system are they using? Some unscrupulous area rug cleaning companies can rip you off by charging a percentage of the value of the rug as a cleaning price. They inflate the value of the rug so that you pay more. In most cases such contractors do not do the job themselves but they...

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Enjoy the Benefits that Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Daytona Offers

Most homeowners know that in order to get the most value out of your area rugs, you have to invest in quality and professional area rug cleaning in Daytona. This will help you to enjoy a far longer lifespan of your expensive investments and will make sure that your rugs will always be in the best condition possible. When you invest in quality rug cleaning, you will also guard your family against the annoyances of respiratory and sinus illnesses. It will have your home smelling fresh and clean, which is especially important when you have small kids or pets running around in the home. How can...

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Reduce Health Risks from Dirty Rugs with Rug Cleaning in Daytona Beach

Beautifully designed rugs are a sight to behold in any home. Then again, no matter how fancy they may look, a rug’s main purpose is to still to be stepped on. Constant contact with shoes and other surfaces will eventually make area rugs too dirty to be ignored. Some of the common rug’s dirty secrets were mentioned in a Men’s Health Magazine article written by Danielle Braff:           “It’s something to be reckoned with,” says Philip Tierno Jr, PhD, a microbiologist and immunologist at New York University Langone Medical Center and the author of The Secret...

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More from Our 3-Day Training with Ruth Travis

Ruth Travis, the “Rug Lady”, conducted a 3 day area rug class for students from all across the country at our Heirloom facility. Our staff learned and participated in the class designed to help us be better so we can be better for our customers! Ruth gave us some amazing new techniques and the folks who attended were excited! Everyone was amazed how much dust and dirt we were able to remove from rugs with our automatic...

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