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Area rugs look really fancy, especially when they’re squeaky-clean. However, there would be times of the year when your rugs are likely to end up dirty and stained – sometimes to the point of being too troublesome to wash. Even professionals offering services for rug cleaning in Daytona Beach and nearby communities have to consider a lot of factors to do their job correctly. Then again, don’t lose hope just yet; some stains can be cleaned on the spot using common household solutions fully accessible to anyone. An article from enumerates some.

Blot It Up

If it’s impossible to catch a spill before it seeps into the fibers of the rug, one can just grab a clean towel and blot all the liquid up. However, do not rub the towel as it will push the stain deeper into the fibers. Wash the stain with soapy water (mix a few drops of clear dishwashing soap with several cups of water). Spray the solution on the stain, and then rinse with warm, clean water.
No Success? Other Solutions to Try
If the aforementioned methods still don’t work, household liquids like hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar or ammonia are also effective. Hydrogen peroxide is good for stains caused by berries, candy, chocolate, coffee, and red wine; white vinegar is great for alkaline liquid spills like beer; and ammonia is helpful for rug blemishes caused by ketchup, mixed drinks, and cough syrup.
On the other hand, dust, hair, and general dirt are easier to clean. One could use vacuum cleaners to completely take out deep-seated dirt in the rug’s fibers. Like carpets, regular vacuuming is recommended for rugs to keep them spotless as well as to prevent premature wear and tear. If the rug is reversible, vacuum both sides for a thorough clean.
Vacuum cleaners are effective, but they can still leave a lot more behind; most notably, pet hairs. What one can do is scrub off the hair using a brush with stiff bristles, brushing to the direction of the rug’s nap. For smaller rugs, shaking the dirt off is simple and effective, too.
Sometimes, there would be stains and other grime that just won’t budge. This is where companies offering professional rug cleaning in New Smyrna Beach and nearby communities come in. With years of training and experience, they can clean off just about anything when it seems that all hope is lost. Their specialized methods are tried and tested by the industry. For this, there’s just one thing left to be done: experience their services for yourself.
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