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If you are looking for professional area rug cleaning companies in Ormond Beachyou will unfortunately be faced with unprofessional companies too. Don’t fall victim to these scam artists. Here are a few great ways that you can protect yourself and make sure to only work with true professionals.

What pricing system are they using?

Some unscrupulous area rug cleaning companies can rip you off by charging a percentage of the value of the rug as a cleaning price. They inflate the value of the rug so that you pay more. In most cases such contractors do not do the job themselves but they subcontract the cleaning and pocket a big share or the cleaning cost. Avoid rug cleaners who use this method of charging.

Do they have adequate insurance?

Damage may occur to your rugs in the process of area rug cleaning. A rug can bleed, warp, unravel, discolor, shrink or fade as a result of poor workmanship.  If the company is not insured you stand to lose with little if any chance of recourse. Before you hire make sure to ask if the area rug cleaner you are hiring has a specific Liability Insurance Policy.

Do they use the latest technology?

The recommended method to clean rugs is full-immersion hand wet wash. This is what most companies advertise but some of them will end up just steam cleaning the rugs thereby short-changing you.

This is sometimes because they do not have the appropriate facilities and know how or because they know they can get away with steam cleaning the rug much quicker and much cheaper but charging more.

Don’t fall for offers to take your rugs off your hand

Not all rug owners know the true value of their rugs. If a cleaning company tells you that your rug is worthless and a waste of money to clean it, yet they offer to buy it from you, be very wary. Chances are the rug is of special value and it can fetch a good amount at the auction.

Our team of seasoned area rug cleaners in Ormond Beach will work with you to keep your rugs looking fresher for longer. Contact us to learn more about our services today.

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