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You might be finishing off your home renovation project in Daytona and wondering what you can use to put a flourish on your refurbished living and dining areas. Before you splurge on a painting or sculpture, try to remember if you have any Oriental rugs on hand. A few years back, you might have inherited an exquisite Ferahan, or bought a gem of a kilim in an antiques store, and yet just left it in some tiny room, unnoticed by both your guests and yourself.

It is about time that you get that rug, call a specialist rug cleaner in Daytona to treat it, and see how you can use it as either a centerpiece or backdrop for your living space. Oriental rugs are versatile décor as well as priceless art. As Catrin Morris says in an article on

“It is remarkable that something so rich in color, texture, pattern and history can blend so seamlessly into almost any decor — even the most modern or minimalist. Kilims and oriental rugs are the epitome of eclecticism: bold and patterned yet somehow subtle and unobtrusive. Beautiful over marble and wood or layered over carpeting or sisal rugs, oriental rugs are resistant to foot traffic and stains (and trends).

If you prefer neutral rooms, an oriental rug can provide just the right amount of color and spark. And because their patterns and colors are so detailed and layered, such rugs have a way of playing off colors elsewhere in the room.”

Of course, you can’t just roll out a rug and expect it to magically transform the space you put it in. You will have to consider its size, colors, and patterns to determine if it is a better fit for a living room, dining area, or study. Your own preferences will also come into play in this selection.

For example, a Ferahan is characterized by wide borders with intricate floral designs, as well as a central medallion. Would you rather put it in the dining room, so its edges will frame a table, or put it in a living room where its central medallion will not be obscured by a large table?

Once your Oriental rug is a main feature in your house, you will also have to make sure that it never loses its finery no matter how many people walk on it. A trained Oriental rug cleaner from Port Orange or other areas near Daytona, like Heirloom Rug Cleaning, can help you with this task. Call on one regularly to care for your rug. Well-made and durable as they might be, Oriental rugs are still antiques that need treatment every now and then to remain as fascinating and functional.

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