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Excellent customer service from both sets of people that came.

They weren’t in a hurry. People usually come in and out and don’t listen, but Heirloom isn’t like that. I had questions about the quality of the rugs I was cleaning and the two men that came to get the rugs took the time to explain to me how to tell whether the rug is a low, medium, or high quality. He said mine was a medium quality and showed me the reasons why. If I ever wanted to buy higher quality, certain things need to be apparent, and now I know what they are. I appreciated that. He said it would about two weeks to return the rugs, dependent on weather, etc. There was no rush. They called when they were about twenty minutes away. They accommodated me and the timing coordination with my doctor’s appointment. I appreciated it. The gentlemen that brought back the rugs were very nice as well. They made sure I was happy with the way it looked when they laid it out. They weren’t in a hurry either. You could argue that yes I was paying for it, but I have had many people who rush in and out. These men did a good job and I tipped them accordingly. I highly recommend Heirloom.

Judy R.

Deltona, FL


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